Scrap Metal Recycling

We offer top market prices for all grades of ferrous and non ferrous metals in Staffordshire. DROP-OFFCOLLECTION

Stoke-on-trent Scrap Metal Yard

How to Sell your SCRAP METAL at our Scrap Yard

Step One

Get your I.D. & Scrap Metal ready.

No appointment needed or to set up an account just bring your photo ID
Don’t mix your Non-Ferrous & Ferrous together as they are weighed separately. Our Scrapyard is Open;
Mon to Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 9am-4pm

Step Two

Bring Your Scrap Metal to the Scrap Yard.

Our scrapyard is located in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent and the Staffordshire Moorlands. Draycott Cross Road, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire ST10 1PN

Step Three

We Weigh Your Scrap Metal

Your types of scrap metal are weighed separately. Ferrous Scrap Metals are weighed on our 50 tonne weighbridge.
Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals are weighed on our smaller scales.

Step Four

Get Paid For Your Scrap Metal

Once unloaded go the office with your photo ID to complete your paperwork.
Payment will be issued as a cheque.
Minimum Payment is £5 if your scrap metal comes to less you can either take it back or we donate the amount to charity.

Scrap Metal Collection Service

We Take Away Your Scrap Metal

If you require, we offer a Call and Collect Scrap Metal Collection Service in Stoke-on-Trent, using our own specialised vehicles.

Scrap Metal being collected on the back of a truck with a crane

We can also provide large specialist containers that can be housed at your property or site and collected on request. We will return the metal to our yard. Your scrap will be weighed and you get paid. 

Scrap Metal Buyers in Stoke-on-trent

Here at Hartley’s we buy all grades of ferrous metals, such as steel and iron, as well as non-ferrous grades such as copper, aluminium, and stainless steel and vehicles that are no longer considered road worthy.

Collecting and recycling these metals helps to protect the environment. By utilising secondary metal materials we lessen the need to mine natural resources, such as iron ore, or nickel, that would be used to manufacturer new metal compounds.

Scrap Metal Prices

Although prices can often fluctuate depending on world markets, we pride ourselves on offering extremely competitive, top market prices for your scrap metal. If you have any queries, call us on 01538753640 or email us at

Please note the minimum amount of scrap metal we take is £5, anything less we donate to charity.

Scrap Metal Enquiries

Call Us on 01538 753 640

We are here to help you with your scrap metal recycling needs.

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Types of Scrap Metal

Ferrous Scrap Metal

Ferrous metal is any type of metal that contains iron.
This includes cast iron, wrought iron, and steel. Ferrous metals are often used in construction.

Ferrous Scrap Metal is weighed on our 50 tonne weighbridge.
You can drop off your Ferrous Scrap Metal or use our scrap metal collection service.
Scrap Metal 50 Tonne Weighbridge in a scrap yard in Stoke-on-Trent

We Buy Ferrous Scrap Metals;

  • Steel
  • Cast Iron
  • Wrought Iron
  • Farm Machinery
  • Vehicles

Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal

Non-ferrous metal is a type of metal that does not contain iron.
Some examples of non-ferrous metals include aluminum, copper, brass, and stainless steel.

Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal is weighed on our smaller scales.
Either bring your Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal to the Scrap Yard or use our Scrap Metal Collection Service in Stoke-on-Trent.

Scrap Metal Weighing Scales with scrap copper and steel being weighed
Scrap Metal Copper Pipes in a pile being weighed

Copper Pipes

Employing high-conductivity copper for plumbing and electrical systems, sell your scrap copper pipes to be recycled into wiring and piping.

scrap dry bright copper on scrap yard weighing scales

Dry Bright Copper

Representing the highest quality copper scrap, #1 Dry Bright Copper fetches top prices at our scrap metal yard for its recyclability.

Scrap boiler and two copper tanks

Copper Tanks

Copper cylinder & tank scrap value! Remove brass, heating elements, & lagging pre drop-off for best prices. We weigh & buy them separately!

A selection of scrap brass


An alloy of copper and zinc, scrap brass, known for its aesthetic appeal and diverse applications, we recycle & buy your scrap brass.

Scrap Stainless Steel sinks, pipes and exhausts

Stainless Steel

Renowned for its corrosion resistance, contributing to long-lasting functionality. We buy all grades of scrap stainless steel.

Scrap Aluminium pipes, ladders, pans and metal


We buy scrap aluminum, infinitely recyclable & energy-saving. Upcycle your metal & build a greener future.

Multiple types of scrap electric cables in a scrap yard

Electric Cables

Containing valuable copper within their insulated cores, scrap cables,  can be recycled at our scrap yard.

Scrap electrical motors in a scrap yard

Scrap Motors

Electric motors such as Washing machine motors, Alternators and Starter motors harbor a wealth of metals like copper & aluminium, are disassembled and recycled.

Scrap Alloy Wheels without tyres ready to be recycled in a scrap yard

Alloy Wheels

Classed as Non Ferrous Metal. If a magnet sticks to your wheels, they are most likely steel and not aluminium. We buy Alloy Wheels.

Scrap Lead batteries and scrap cuts of lead in skips

Lead Batteries

Car batteries can be valuable and like most scrap metal should be recycled. We buy lead batteries.

Catalytic Converters

Scrap Catalytic converters can contain metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium to help break down pollutants.

Scrap Cars

We buy scrap cars and offer a scrap car collection service in Staffordshire. Take away the hassle of scrapping your car.

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